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My name is Julia Granstrom and I quit my stable sensible job of a year in 2016. It was a decent job, I deeply enjoyed the people I worked with, and though I didn’t make a lot, it was a field I respect and had a lot of places to go. There was a distinct possibility of ending up working for the federal government at some point with enough stability for my butt mark to be sitting in my seat for about 25 years until a tidy retirement at 50.

I am writing this blog to chronicle my adventures for Europe May 2016, but also to reconcile the cubicle life with my passion for storytelling, a passion that I pursued in college, but have been putting off for too long. On June 6th, I returned home to take on that challenge with a vengeance, but this adventure is about juxtaposing the cubicle life with topsy-turvy Europe stories and asking how I got here.

I have been plodding along to find my passion for stories again, which I started to lose in the dryness of the paper and the beige of a cubicle I covered with blue fabric. I rediscovered a portion of it in the wonderful generally ex military people I met at work with oddball experiences, quirky personalities, and more phrases than you can shake a stick at (see what I did there?). Thanks to those people.

I hope this entertains and gives food for thought to anyone who wants it. I’m a believer in being genuine, so let me know personally if I’m being preachy. I’ll try not to do yoga poses in front of the Louvre, I’m trying to be #genuine here.